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 About Marisa 

About Marisa

Marisa is a wife of 31 years and proud mother of 3 wonderful children.

Marisa began her spiritual journey in the year 2000 after the tragic deaths of her mother and niece within 2 days of each other. This event led Marisa on a spiritual quest for answers about life, death and the unknown.

One night, in September 2002 a murder victim appeared to Marisa showing her the gruesome details of her murder. Never experiencing anything like this before, Marisa contacted the police and provided them with clear, specific unpublished details of the crime. This information caused police to suspect Marisa of involvement, but ultimately lead to their trust and appreciation for her unusual abilities. Marisa began working regularly on murder and missing persons cases. Ever since, Marisa speaks with spirits for thousands of people.   

Marisa is different than most Mediums.  When Marisa is in front of someone or on the phone, spirits appear to her.  She has developed an interview process with the spirits to gain validation of who they are.  She can see the spirits clearly with her eyes as she asks them about their death, family, career, hobbies and life.  Once she has received enough validation, Marisa will ask them for messages.  She receives her psychic information about peoples past, present and future from Spirit Guides.  Each of us has one or more guides that know what our life path is and accompany us on our journey.   


*Host of Spirit Talk Radio Show

*Appears regularly on radio shows across the world

*Featured on Travel Channel's "Ghostly Lovers"

*Featured in newspaper articles

*Documentary Films

*Professional Public Speaker & Writer

*Intuitive Life & Business Coach

*Psychic Detective on missing persons and murder cases

*Founder and Owner of The Awareness Institute in Corona, Ca

*Certified Research Medium of the Windbridge Institute

Marisa is currently a Level 5 Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential where she participates in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel.  Her certification involved eight thorough screening, testing, and training steps during which her ability to report accurate and specific information about the deceased was scientifically tested under blinded conditions by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Julie Beischel, PhD.  More information about the certification procedure is available here:

For all Media requests please call : 951.454.2119 or email her at
**Media Kit provided upon request**


KNX 1070 Halloween 2006 Radio show with Marisa
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